Award-winning and multidisciplinary designer who likes to think and looks for a solution to every issue. He was always drawn towards the world of visual art, design, advertising and photography.

With a style focused on synthesis, He aims to tell as much as possible with as few as possible elements.



Alex is always excited to collaborate with galleries, brands, people and studios on challenging projects. Please feel free to email him with any inquires.


All materials used are of premium quality. All artworks come signed by the artist along with a certificate of authenticity. Also, some pieces are sold in a limited edition that come numbered and varies depending on the image; see each image for individual information on edition and size.



No image on this website may be reproduced, distributed, re-sold, or sub-licenced, copied or duplicated in any form or by any means for commercial purposes without the prior written permission. If you’d like to use any image from this site for press or editorial purposes, please get in touch.